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 Monument Homes:  Seasoned Professionals. Affordable and Reliable!
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Finding an affordable, reliable builder that is a professional in the field of remodeling, storm repair and general construction isn't always easy.  When it concerns your home or investment property you expect nothing but the best---quality craftsmanship at an affordable price.  

No matter what you envision---an room addition, new bathroom or a kitchen remodel, etc---KEN THOMAS, owner/operator, can turn your vision into a reality.  Moreover, you can be assured that the POWER TEAM of specialists at Monument Homes will work tirelessly to fulfill every detail you have in mind.

Our competency is in ALL PHASES of home renovation including (but not limited to) room additions, kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels, exterior doors, siding, roofing and replacement windows.  Our committed focus is providing excellent client home improvement services with a perfectionistic eye for detail.  This sole commitment has allowed our list of clients to steadily grow over the 20 years that we have been in business, mostly through the enthusiastic referrals of satisfied clients.

Please review our company website and the gallery of RECENT WORK that we have completed.  We will be more than happy to provide you with references of previous clients we've had the honor of serving.

If you have any questions regarding work you've been considering (and even putting off due to your need to locate a tried-and-true professional) act now!  

Give Ken a call and he will happily arrange a time to meet, go over the particulars of your vision, and even give you some innovative design ideas you will certainly like!  All estimates and advice are free so don't hesitate, call or email us today!


"The way you do one thing is the way you do everything." 

At Monument Homes we complete all of our jobs with integrity to our name: a Master Craftsman!

About Us: Monument Homes with Ken Thomas President and Master Craftsman, is a family run business with over 20 years of experience in Utah, Colorado and Texas.  With hundreds of completed jobs, large and small, Monument Homes is now focusing on providing excellent service and quality workmanship for clients here in Texas as a general contractor and remodeling expert! 

For a list of testimonials from some of our clients, please review our recent gallery of work.  Also, if you would like contact information from past and recent clients to receive references about our work, please let us know.  We will gladly oblige. 

Ken Thomas has been building and installing siding for or over 20 years. Siding  comes in various styles and designs and colors. 

You can choose new siding from many styles. 

We also do Sunrooms, Gazebos, Decks, Patios and Porches.

Monument Homes has the knowledge and expertise to guide you through the design and construction of your project.

Ken has been installing custom home windows to for over 20 years.  Our experience in building and installing home windows is second to none!

And...Ken has the knowledge and expertise to guide you through the design and construction of your home remodel projects.  He wants to be your builder for life!

Your Next Step:  Call now!

All estimates and advice are free so don't hesitate, call or email us today!

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Here are 4 questions to ask remodeling contractors.

Point: Listen to how remodeling contractors answer your questions. A contractors difficulty communicating now could mean a difficulty communicating on the job later…

1. Would you please detail your bid?

Some remodeling contractors prefer to give you a bottom-line price for your remodeling project, however this puts you in the dark about what the charge is for each aspect of the project. That makes it easier to compare different contractors’ prices. Remodeling contractors shouldn’t give you a difficult time about detailing their bid. If they resist, it’s a red flag for sure.

2. Ask: Is the remodeling contractor’s bid an estimate or a fixed price bid?

Some contractors treat their bids as estimates, meaning bills could wind up being higher in the end. Be sure to request a fixed price bid instead.

3. How long have you been remodeling in my town?

A remodeling contractor who’s been performing remodeling locally for over 3 years has an established network of subcontractors and suppliers in the area and a local reputation to uphold. That makes them a more dependable bet than a remodeler who’s either new or commuting to your job from 60-70 miles away.

4. I’d like to meet your job foreman for my job — can you take me to a project he’s running currently?

Many remodelers don’t actually ‘swing hammers’ or saw wood. They spend their days bidding new work and managing their various jobs and workers. That makes the job foreman — the one who’s working on your project every day — the most important member of his/her team to you.

If your remodeling contractor says he’ll be running the job himself, ask whether he’ll be there every day. He’ll want to give you a positive response …(something you can hold him to later on).

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